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Human Civilisation Emerged in Africa

African Wisdom Statue.

Part of African Wisdom Statue

Part of African Wisdom Statue.

This one was lifted straight from Gently Hew Stone, who (yes, that blog name comes most likely from a speech-to-text misunderstanding, owing to English pronunciation being a bit quirky) sometimes has cracked a joke or two about it. Anyhow, you’ve got the link directly to the blog post up there, top of page, hard to miss.

But my subject was something else. You know how it seemed the Africa’s explorers only found these supposedly very primitive cultures in Africa? It seemed they largely kept to themselves lots of these marks of higher culture; it would have been embarrassing to come up with something refined and cultured. This little statue, too Read more ›

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About the essence of freedom and more griping about nationalism

I’ve been thinking very hard about freedom.

Spanish Civil War Battle of Belchite 1937

International Republican Troops in Spanish Civil War in Battle of Belchite in 1937

It’s not all that complicated in a way. According to most dictionaries, freedom is simply a state, where one’s rights to move around, or form and express one’s opinions without fear of reprisals or other oppression. I don’t claim to have found the very essence of freedom, but if we look at Tolstoy’s observation, for example, he said that true happiness can only be realised in a relationship: It is not good for man to be alone, is it? Read more ›

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About faith crises

Last weekend I was asked whether I had ever had a crisis of faith. This wasn’t the first time, but I had to ask for some room to define, to interpret the question. I will write about my chain of thought about that.

About faith: I want to remind that faith is not about absolute knowledge Read more ›

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Destructive Nationalism in Support of Racism and Slavery (Nationalism Part 2)

I must confess that I calculated the headline to be provocative. I mean to provoke, but I also mean to clear my own thoughts a little.

I do not think that it is a far-fetched thought that Nationalist ideas have partly been constructed to support Racism and Slavery. From the multitudes of examples, I could bring up, e.g. Rudyard Kipling, and almost any book he wrote Read more ›

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Griping About Destructive Nationalism, Part 1

London has been on the news lately, with some good news for a change. Or at least feel-good, not rioting like last year. But let us not forget that the roots of the rioting are there, untouched, and with David Cameron publicly recounting his wet dream of more “welfare cuts” (i.e. cutting services that poor people need), and tax breaks for his rich friends. He is obviously already campaigning for the next General Election, and the Coalition does not figure in his plans. He wants a hard-core Tory government รก la Mrs T.

That is naturally speculation on my part, but that is what it sounds like Read more ›

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Personhood, or Being a person

Some recent phenomena have prompted me to write this, in an attempt at a common sense-philosophical study of what the word person means, and how definitions of being a person–sometimes called personhood–have been expanded in recent centuries. I am doing it mostly for my own benefit, to organise my own thoughts, but in our time of sharing and over-sharing, why not share? :)

To begin with, I suppose we must check what the word here means. Without going into more complex things Read more ›

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